cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a web hosting control panel software program developed via cPanel, LLC. It gives a graphical interface (GUI) and locomotive tools designed to simplify. The process of web hosting a website to or the “end-user”. It allows administration via a general web browser the use of a three-tier structure. In addition to the GUI, cPanel Web Hosting additionally has a command line. And API-based get admission to that lets in third-party software program vendors. Web hosting organizations and builders automate general device administration processes. The cPanel & WHM is designed to feature both a dedicated server and a virtual private server.

What Is cPanel And Why It’s So Popular?

You may also be thinking what is cPanel? The cPanel is a web-based web hosting control panel. That consists of a graphical interface to equipment that simplifies internet site and server management. The two interfaces are recognized as cPanel and Web Host Manager (WHM) permit. You to submit websites, control domains, prepare net files, create e-mail accounts and efficaciously and effectively control the server. To put it simply, it allows you to execute all the moves on a server you may want to, the usage of an easy interface alternatively of a command line.

When it used to be first conceptualized, there used to be little opposition in the discipline of web hosting software, however, cPanel shortly made an identity for itself thanks to its ease of use and breadth of features. If you’ve tried web hosting a website of your own, the probabilities are you’ll run throughout more than one internet host that uses it, along with us. We’ve even introduced a few facets to the common cPanel, such as our Onlive Server WordPress optimized installations. Onlive Server’s cPanel has two types of interfaces. First is the consumer interface is known as cPanel and second, the server administration interface is known as Web Host Manager (WHM). This aggregate permits customers to control their website and resources web hosting vendors with tools to control the server.

Is cPanel Private?

Yes, your cPanel account is private. If you are a website owner, then be positive to hold your username and password secure. This is necessary for maintaining your website facts and settings safe.

cPanel File Management

Your cPanel allows you to engage with your archives in many ways. For example, the software program provides an easy file supervisor that permits you to engage with your directories and archives visually:
If you select to use FTP to deal with your files, your cPanel can make your existence less difficult by imparting you an account administration feature. With it, you’ll be capable to create new accounts, controlling their permissions, and even deleting them if necessary. All in all, cPanel permits you to engage with your server’s documents in any way you see fit, and it consists of equipment with a couple of ranges of complexity. That skill even superior customers can advantage from it.

cPanel Site Backups

We’ve talked about backups before, however, we never get worn out of highlighting simply how necessary they are. A current backup of your site can save you if you run into an error if you take place to delete a vital file through mistake, and even if your website receives attacked. Onlive Server’s cPanel allows you to create full backups of your sites, both manually or via a wizard. Naturally, guide backups have a tendency to supply you with extra options, such as handpicking which factors you desire to save. However, it’s up to you to select which device to use, simply as long as you understand to return up regularly! This performance allows you to roll returned your whole server to a formerly image (usually taken automatically) in case you want to backtrack.

cPanel Database Management

Databases are critical when it comes to preserving your website running. They save most of your site’s data, which includes precious data such as passwords, usernames, emails, and so on. Some humans never get to engage with their databases, however, Onlive Server’s cPanel allows you to do so in an easy fashion. It does this by offering you a couple of database management tools:
Each of these pieces of equipment offers you a unique way to create and manipulate databases. It includes server hosting like VPS server, dedicated server with cPanel web hosting. Get the fastest Best Cheap VPS hosting by Onlive Server.


Which web hosting software program your issuer makes use of may not appear like too massive of a deal, however, it can radically affect your average experience. After all, that software program defines the methods in which you can have interaction with your server. Onlive Server’s experienced team always be ready for your help with 24*7 hours.