Domain Name Registration Sites

Domain Name Registration Sites

After introducing the Internet, every business organization wants to develop their business activities through the Internet. Website is the only way to improve business activities over the Internet. Each business organization has its website that shows its business activities. It is essential to give a domain name to the website by which the website becomes known to everyone. A domain name is the address and identification of a website. But for business firms, the domain name search process is quite hectic because the Domain Name Registration process is quite complex, but it can be simple if you choose the right domain registrar. 

Facts About Domain Name

A domain name is the most accessible form to find a website address that people type on the web browser or URL bar. The Internet is the only global network that works with the World Wide Web or WWW concept. Each and every computer comes with an IP address or the computer’s unique identification. But it is tough to remember the IP address that consists of number series. Thus, a domain name is the simplest form of identification of the website. To check the domain availability, the website owner has to visit the domain search tool on the registrar’s official page.

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Registrar

  1. The first thing is that you should ensure the privacy policy of the domain registrar because an unfaithful and false domain registrar can hack your website IP without your permission.
  2. Check the website domain registration’s law enforcement policy for any legal performance.
  3. Discuss with your registrar about the service process when they have to face any legal process, and ensure the service process at that time.
  4. Do Not use the domain registration process where you cannot see your website name on the domain registrant information.
  5. Discuss the service agreement of the domain registration process before the final payment.
  6. Do Not choose a domain registrar by its popularity or price. Customer service responsibility is a vital part of choosing the best domain registrar.
  7. Check domain registrar and add on a price chart if you want to shift your domain registrar in the middle of the agreement.

The Uniqueness of the Onlive Server as a Domain Registrar

Among the various domain registrar company, the Onlive server is one of the best domain registrars that offer various services at an affordable rate to clients. Onlive is an authorized registrar of WHOIS that sells domain names to end-users. If you want to get the Onlive server service, check the website domain registration process on its website.

  1. This company indicates to its clients the essential changes of the domain name registration process before the 30 days of the agreement.
  2. If the users do not agree with this company’s terms and conditions, the users could not use the Onlive server domain name registration process.
  3. The Onlive server can modify the registration process as per the notice of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Working Process of Onlive Server

Your Book Domain Name Search process can be fulfilled with the Onlive server’s unique registration process.

  1. After accepting the Onlive server’s terms and conditions, the Onlive server accepts domain name registration applications from their clients.
  2. The company receives the payment of the registration, reinstatement, and renewal fees as per the terms and conditions through net banking.
  3. The Onlive server delivers the domain registration information regarding the domain name that applies to TLDs as per the registry administrator’s advice.
  4. All fees regarding the registration process are non-refundable if your domain registration is canceled or suspended due to your false document. You have to start the registration process from the start with all original documents.
  5. The domain registrant’s original name and address are required to complete the registration process.

The Domain Registration Process of Big Rock

To check the domain name availability, you can choose big rock as a domain registrar that offers various services useful for your website. The registration process for big rock is as follows-

  1. Go to the big rock home page.
  2. Enter the domain name you want to purchase in the name checker section.
  3. On the right-hand side, you can get the TLDs domain name display, such as .com, .in, etc.
  4. After selecting the domain TLDs name, click on the search icon.
  5. If your preferred domain name is available, then you will see the ‘buy’ button option to book your domain name.
  6. Then you will click on ‘continue to create a new account with a big rock. Existing users can sign in with their IP address and password.
  7. After creating your new user’s account, you have to pay the full payment through net banking, debit card, credit card, Paytm, and UPI.

Rate Chart of Big Rock

Big rock has a different price chart for Linux and Windows users. But in general, its price chart for web hosting, web developing, and domain name registration are as follows-

  1. For website hosting along with domain names, the monthly charge is Rs 99
  2. Provide security against virus and DDOS attacks yearly charge is Rs 1119
  3. Get the domain name for your website. The yearly charge is Rs 199.
  4. To develop your website, the monthly charge is Rs 79.

Domain registrants should try to choose the best domain registrar as per their website requirements and per their business criteria.