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Germany VPS Server Hosting:-

Are you based in Germany or some nearby region and you are not satisfied with the current Germany VPS Hosting solution for your website?

It might be that the location of your host or the server location is taking a toll on the performance of your site. So, what do you do in these circumstances? Maybe it is time for you to look for a data center that lies close to your house. Also, you need to be sure on choosing a Germany VPS Server that comes without the down time, latency and lack of other important features.

  • Current Internet Situation in Germany:-

While the internet infrastructure of Germany might not be the same as that of some popular tech titans such as Hong Kong and South Korea, the country has been successful in making some significant efforts in the recent years towards improving its telecommunication systems. It is this progress that has helped the country is serving its technical industry in the right way and the progress is also being expected to continue in an upward direction. Majority of Germany’s internet is accessed by way of DSL technology. The internet connection speed is low. But, luckily, hosting providers like Onlive Server offer excellent dedicated server hosting solutions at wonderful prices.

  • Top Quality VPS Solutions in Germany:-

Germany VPS Server Hosting plans come with sufficient memory of 1 GB, 30 GB storage space and the potential of dealing with everything starting from large and highly active message boards to small mailing servers. There are several customization options available to the consumers in the operating system and control panel categories. Operating system options include Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Centos and Suse. Options in the control panel category are Plesk, Froxlor, Kloxo, Ajenti, Webmin, Virtualmin, VestaCP, ISPConfig, Sentora and ZPanel.

The data centers are Kassel based with some ultimate features like 1 TB data transfer speed, 1 core processor, 500 Mbps network connectivity speed and KVM architecture. All these features of a Germany VPS hosting solution are available within an affordable range of 628.03 INR monthly. Thus, it can rightly be said that there are formidable VPS hosting providers in Germany that are gaining huge popularity for some good reasons. The services that come from the VPS hosting providers in Germany are some of the best across the industry.

VPS offers you the scalability and the reliability of a high-end dedicated server while minimizing the cost of using a dedicated server. VPS hosting solutions in Germany can not only help you in hosting your website but also in running a hosting business as well. You can easily order VPS servers located in Kassel in Germany. All the servers come with proper technical support along with 24/7 monitoring of the network.

There are some frequently asked questions that you must surely know the answers to if you are bent on using a Germany VPS server.

The Questions are as follows:-

Q. Why use VPS solutions?

Ans. It is advantageous to use VPS solutions because they come packed with several features and are exclusively designed for improved uptime and customer satisfaction.

Q. Why are web hosting control panels available?

Ans. Web hosting control panels are available on both Linux and Windows operating systems for helping the users run their websites on their VM.

Q. What about the data centers in Germany?

Ans. VPS server data centers in Germany have the vast potential of traffic for keeping the networks efficient and stable.

Q. What are the different operating systems supported?

Ans. Almost all the different kinds of operating systems are supported for utmost stability and performance.

Q. Do I get backup?

Ans. Yes, you get backup with every VPOS server.

Germany VPS Server Hosting and Its Many Advantages - Onlive Server