best cloud vps provider

What is the best Cloud VPS provider?

Whether you’ve simply started with web hosting or you’ve been around for the past few years, you may additionally have heard about the “Cloud”, “Cloud VPS” or “Virtual servers”. Of course, there exist plenty of other comparable terms we could go through. In this article, we will attempt to explain what is Cloud VPS and how does it work. you can choose Onlive Server as the best VPS provider.

What is the cloud?

Let’s strive to outline each phrase first and provide an explanation for you in small print what is a cloud digital non-public server (VPS).

When we say “The Cloud”, we normally refer to “Cloud Computing”. You would possibly have guessed; we’re no longer speaking to me about the rain outside!

Cloud computing, is via definition, an exercise of the use of a community of far-off servers on hand by using the Internet to store, manage, and method facts as an alternative than on a nearby server or a non-public computer.

You can get admission to your computer at whenever and from somewhere as lengthy as you are related to the internet.

What is the virtual private server?

Now, let’s outline what Virtual Private Server is and how it works.

First of all, a VPS is a personal and devoted web hosting environment. Which is hosted on a mother or father server, or a cluster of servers, thru the use of virtualization.

With a digital desktop supervisor such as pc software, firmware, or hardware that creates and runs digital machines, we can run digital machines on a host/parent server known as a visitor occasion or toddler instance.

To make it shorter, the VPS is like a bodily committed server that exists as a piece of software program going for walks on a host/parent server.

Wondering if your commercial enterprise desires Virtual Private Servers? Have a appear at our committed article here. Here are the 9 matters you can do with a VPS.

So, what is cloud VPS?

A Cloud VPS is a cloud computing answer primarily based on Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine, frequently known as KVM. It affords scalable and virtualized sources as a service generally bought on a pay for what you use. In a trendy net web hosting environment, you would pay for a positive restriction you can’t get past. Instead, you pay solely for the assets you certainly use which in the lengthy term, can advantage you in many ways. You get dynamic provisioning in a scalable, digital environment. The assets you’ll want for most initiatives can be reachable in minutes. Basically, with Cloud VPS you can get a near-instant get right of entry to on a new server. Best of all: you can do this except for the want of migrating your facts or altering your server settings.

Can you scale a cloud VPS?

One of the important benefits of a Cloud VPS is that it can effortlessly be scaled up or down when your hosting necessities change.

You may discover that your website desires more sources in order to effectively provide your site visitors. Or perhaps your business is scaling down and you don’t want all the resources you have.

With a Cloud VPS, you can scale your configuration easily, at any period. As the host node controlling the digital server can allocate resources as imperative within a few clicks, you don’t want to worry about jogging out of power.

How to manage your cloud VPS?

Accessing and configuring a Cloud VPS provider is made effortless – as you will be furnished full root level, SSH, and FTP access.

Additionally, any Windows servers will embody Admin and RDP access. So, you can add any third-party applications, libraries, or modules that require root get admission with no hassle

Control panel

Depending on the degree of administration you will choose, you can usually choose for a server manipulate panel. A manage panel will enable you to control your server effortlessly and efficiently.

Using a manage panel, you’ll additionally discover it very handy to control sites, email, DNS, databases, users, and tons more…

At UKHost4u we provide numerous manipulate panel licenses that you without difficulty add to your Cloud VPS.


With our inner dashboard, we provide even extra control and facts on your server. You can see there your current configuration as properly as usage for memory, storage, and bandwidth.

Are you attaining your limits? That’s not a problem! Your server will no longer stop however you can upgrade the diagram at any time.

How is my Cloud VPS backed up?

Running backups is quintessential for any business that is working online. We provide weekly backups to protect and tightly close your data.

So that you do not have to fear about what to back up, we take the liberty of developing full server backups for you.

We have the redundancy to keep your statistics safe at all times and in case of any important incidents.

To conclude

Have an appearance at our cheap VPS web hosting in the UK. Speak with one of our experts these days and let them help you discover the right graph and server for you and your business.