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Best Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is devised to supply you with an impartial and invulnerable platform to host your website. It allows your internet site to make use of all the server assets for its functioning. Moreover, not like the shared web hosting platform, you collect the full cost of your server with our best dedicated server hosting. Your web hosting issuer will enable you to have root get right of entry to your server. This will make it feasible for you to configure your server based totally on your internet site requirements. You can run your server in the way that is most favorable for your commercial enterprise website. With dedicated server hosting, your internet site turns into successful in offering the finest overall performance even below excessive visitors peaks.

Benefits of Best Dedicated Server

Some of the frequent blessings that come with server hosting to host your enterprise internet site efficiently. Let us have a gaze at them!

1. Dedicated IP address:

The shared server, the best-dedicated server lets your internet site have a dedicated IP address. The committed IP tackle ability a special IP tackle is awesome from different websites on the web. It presents a number of advantages to your website.

The two of the large advantages are –Your internet site will be capable to set up a special identification on the Internet. It will no longer be stressed as some different enterprise websites.

Popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc., supply choices to the websites that possess the committed IP address. Your website collects a higher search engine optimization ranking.

2. Customization:

As you get root manage to your server with managed dedicated server service, you get the energy of customization. You can run the running machine at the core of your server, which you prefer. Customers deploy the OS that helps their enterprise internet site and the most functions walking on it. You have the proper to make adjustments or changes to your downloaded applications, programs, or software.

3. Scalability:

Often with the improvement of your website, you require to scale up or down the resources. With dedicated Hosting, scalability did easily. You can scale up your resources like disk space, working system, etc., every time your internet site necessitates.

4. High Security:

Comparatively to a different web hosting solution, your website has higher protection than our server hosting. It is due to the fact the dedicated server affords a remoted internet hosting environment. Your website’s function is no longer affect. And disturbed by way of any different website’s operations. A no different person approved to your dedicated server your consent. As your website acquires a dedicated IP address. It identified as now not influenced and extra invulnerable through the search engines.

When is a dedicated server profitable?

When a positive quantity of RAM ability consumes. It is financially profitable to use a dedicated server for two essential reasons: electricity and privacy.

Their purchase meet one of the following requirements

Systems with a quick server response time (SRT)

High necessities for information and device security

Own cloud offerings with an incredibly variable workload

Above-average consumption of resources

Who earnings from a dedicated server?

Within the e-commerce sector, online shops with wonderful product stock and a lot of visitors would specially advantage from this service, as it is beneficial to make certain the best feasible protection. In addition to greater safety and performance, its kind of server is manageable and tailored to grow demand, such as for retail income like Black Friday. This approves the server’s overall performance to adapt to the quantity of the records and decrease the danger of server downtime.


A dedicated server is an ideal choice for websites that require increased performance, security, and stability. With the Onlive Server, you will be able to access your server via our easy-to-use web interface or choose from a range of third-party software solutions available in the marketplace. For more information about how to set up an account with us today, please contact us at [email protected].