Canada VPS Server

If you’re looking to host your website in Canada, one of the most common ways to do so is with VPS hosting. Which allows you to host multiple websites on one server and provides significant amounts of storage and memory at relatively low costs. One of the best providers out there for the Canda VPS Server in Canada is Onlive Server. And here are five reasons you should choose them over their competitors.

1) Security

Canadian data centers are less likely to face natural disasters, power outages, or other security risks. Because they’re not in areas vulnerable to earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes. Canada’s overall reputation as a safe and secure country also makes it an ideal destination for businesses seeking an off-shore data center solution. Canada is also home to some of North America’s leading security experts and organizations; these groups can help protect your digital assets while they’re stored in Canadian data centers. Canada’s privacy laws are also more stringent than those in many other countries. So you can rest assured that your private information will be protected from prying eyes.

2) Cost-effectiveness

Canada virtual private servers are affordable and cost-effective. Paying much less than you would on other more expensive operating systems like Windows or Linux. You can get more bangs for your buck with Canada virtual private servers. Cloud hosting allows you to scale up as your business grows. So that in later years you won’t have wasted money paying for too little server space! One other financial benefit of choosing Canada VPS servers is that many companies offer flexible financing options through their monthly billing. So even if you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around you are just waiting to be invest in a new business venture. These small monthly payments can help make it happen!

3) International Availability

Our Canada VPS Server is host in Montreal, Quebec, which means they’re close to US and UK clients and therefore offer even better ping times. Our Canada data center meets all of Apple’s standards for iTunes App Store, Mac App Store, iWork integration, and Game Center support. The low-latency network we use for hosting also supports near real-time latency on streaming applications. Such as video chats or VoIP software like Skype. There’s never any worry about your data being delivered too slowly. And that’s great news for your customers too!

4) Unlimited Bandwidth

Canada VPS Servers give you free bandwidth on all plans, so you don’t have to worry about speed reduction during peak traffic hours. This is one of many reasons Canada-base Virtual Private Servers are preferable to shared hosting. Shared hosting may be great when your site just starts, but once it grows in popularity and volume, it can become troublesome. If your site becomes busy or you experience a rapid influx of customers or growth in social media activity. There could be slowdowns in response time that affect how visitors perceive your business. And they won’t want to stick around if they don’t get what they need fast enough.

5) No IP restriction

With an offshore host, your IP address can be track, and websites that you access via your VPS may not work properly. Fortunately, when you use our services, we allow you full control over how many IP addresses are available on your machine. You’ll never have to worry about Internet blocks or other restrictions because of one particular site again! If you have any questions about what our packages offer in terms of IP addresses, contact us today.


A lot of businesses choose Canada as their host. And if you want your business to grow and gain more customers, then choosing Onlive Server will be your best option. The Canada VPS Server provide optimal performance which is not just crucial for your business but also helps in making sure that your website runs at an optimum level. You need fast speeds when running a website or an e-commerce store and it is possible only with these servers. In addition, they provide round-the-clock support services along with some great features like daily backups.