Google Cloud Platform

If you want to work with modern software systems, use the main Google cloud platform, we have many different service options and all have a lot of value. Google Cloud Platform offers resilient and fully managed services. Google Cloud Platform is the optimal cloud platform for developers. It provides so many services for creating highly available, highly scalable and back-end mobile web applications.

The Google Cloud platform has become the personal favorite cloud platform. Well, opinions are subject. What is the benefits about the Google Cloud platform that allows to think about the code and features?  When you need to develop without having to worry about running because many of the service offerings are completely managed.

And once it’s mainly distributed, I don’t have to think about it unless it introduced a software bug. Google engineers make sure the product is always up and running and highly available.

Another thing that really like is the usability of things like BigQuery and its machine learning APIs. If you’ve ever worked with large amounts of data, you know that some queries require forever. BigQuery can query large amounts of data in seconds. So I can quickly access the requested data and dedicate myself to other things.

And with the machine learning APIs, I can use a REST interface to easily translate things like linguistic translation or speech into text. This allows to integrate applications, giving end users a better user experience.

So, focus on application development and spend my time adding value to end users.