Storage Dedicated Server

Fully scalable and fully managed Storage Dedicated Server to deliver High performance

Storage Dedicated Server

Finland Dedicated Server Hosting is the ideal choice for companies that only have their own server resources. A dedicated server offers many advantages. These include speed, backup functionality, storage, and the fact that all the resources on your dedicated server are only available to you. Our dedicated server hosting in Finland is a great idea if you want to expand a website or if you need unbiased and honest opinions.

Storage Dedicated Hosting Plan

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Finland Dedicated - DSX1AlmaLinux 8NoneNone$79.00
Finland Dedicated - DSX2AlmaLinux 8NoneNone$79.00
Finland Dedicated - DSX3AlmaLinux 8NoneNone$89.00
Finland Dedicated - DSX4AlmaLinux 8NoneNone$169.00
Finland Dedicated - DSX5AlmaLinux 8NoneNone$199.00

Although dedicated web hosting is slightly more expensive than shared hosting, it offers many benefits that can bring your business to the highest level. With this hosting, you can control your server more stable and secure. With a dedicated hosting server, you can support the needs of your customers in a timely manner. It also provides extra storage and resources that allow the site to work faster, and allows the flow of huge volumes of traffic. We offer ultra-fast servers, which makes the website fast to load. This provides visitors with an experience of advanced web hosting, keeping them on the site for longer than usual.

We provide reliable dedicated storage servers with a stable and secure environment for running web applications. Our web server hosting provider in Finland handles all matters related to hardware maintenance and the reliability of the web server’s network connection, etc. This reduces your responsibility and helps you to focus on the application aspect of your hosting website.

Get 100% uptime for the network with our fully secure Storage Dedicated Server Hosting plans. We have a team of exceptional technical experts who monitor your server every second of the year. We protect your server against various threats and vulnerabilities.

Get full access to the best dedicated hosting server. Finland Server Hosting is the ideal location for all the server requirements you may have.

Storage Dedicated Server

Frequently asked questions

Ans. Dedicated hosting is ideal for high-traffic websites or sites that require server redundancy. A dedicated server has several advantages over shared hosting, including increased control and reliability.

Ans. Dedicated servers are a great way to run your site on a trusted and reliable platform. Dedicated server is a cost-effective, high-performance hosting solution. It offers the highest level of uptime and reliability, as well as 24×7 support.

Ans. The bandwidth you need depends on how much data you will be transferred, how many devices are connected to your network, and what type of activities you are doing online.

Ans. It depends on the needs of your project. Managed servers are ideal if you require a lot of technical support and need help managing the server. They also come with pre-installed software, applications, and security updates. Unmanaged servers provide more flexibility for those who have the technical knowledge to manage the server themselves, as well as more customization options than managed servers.

Ans. The dedicated servers are designed for high reliability and data speed. We offer a guarantee to all our customers in our highly reliable network. We offer cheap dedicated server plans.

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