Cheap Domain Registration

Mistakes to Avoid While Going for Cheap Domain Registration

Cheap Domain Registration:

Registering Hard to Spell, Complicated and Really Long Domain Names

Make sure your domain name is memorable, descriptive and exclusive. Take for instance, if you are dealing in law or legal matters then it works for your domain name to have keywords like attorney, lawyer and law. Nevertheless, avoid going overboard and stuffing your URL with several keywords that may be of no use. In the effort to make the domain name descriptive, you might move on to using several terms and keywords that might do nothing but only make your domain name more complicated and ugly. Such domain names might be a pain for the online users to remember or even type. Try to utter your chosen domain name yourself. If it rolls off your tongue easily, it will be easier to explain to others as well and hard to forget because it is not generic. If your domain name does not roll off your tongue easily and is too generic at the same time, better to look out for alternatives.

Infringing upon Brand Names and Trademarks

You can be a fan of a certain celebrity or a brand that sells shoes, clothes or other products. But this does not mean you can use the name of the celebrity or that brand in your domain name. This can be a complete copyright infringement. Such mistakes are not forgiven by the online industry and the responsible authorities might have you paying huge bucks as infringement fee or fine. Trademark or brand infringements can result in complaints being filed against your brand or against you and you might have a tough time dealing with these. Being a little careful about this fact can actually save you from getting into trouble.

Not Choosing the Registrar Carefully

There are many companies across the world offering Cheap Domain Registration services. If you are a beginner in this field, try playing safe by doing business with popular registrars known to serve the field for a very long time.  You might have to pay something more but keep in mind that such agencies already possesses the infrastructure and resources required for guaranteeing domain name security.

Some frequently asked questions in this regard are as follows:

  1. Is it necessary to secure a domain name immediately?

Yes, you need to secure your URL immediately because it is an asset for you. You need to secure your URL from any individual or entity who can steal it.

  1. Do URLs get hijacked or stolen?

Yes, domain names can get hijacked or stolen especially if they sound attractive. There are domain thieves that can steal mailing addresses that an owner used as technical or administrative contact for domain registration.

  1. How to secure my domain name?

You can secure your domain name by being very careful and by using strong passwords. Also, try making use of secure mailing addresses and subscribe to the privacy registration services of the registrars.

  1. What are privacy registration services?

These services help in masking the details of a domain name owner appearing on the public records.

  1. Is it necessary to put in good time in choosing the right domain name?

Yes, putting in time in making the right choice will actually get you the perfect name but do not take too long to come up with the final decision.