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Verifying a free domain – for example, domain name. It – ​​is one of the most common operations in the hosting sector and the creation of websites check domain name online. This verification coincides with checking that the chosen domain is actually available: to do this. There are automated tools that check the so-called status of a domain.

This status, which we have already analyzed in relation to. it domains also allows you to check the possibility of registering some extensions on which there may be limitations. For example, it is not possible to register reserved domains such as .gov or some geographic domains (relating to countries of the European Union and beyond). Another rather similar case occurs if the chosen domain is already registered by someone else. The only thing to do if you really don’t want to change. Your name is to memorize the expiration date and wait for the domain to expire, in the hope.

This is not the best solution also because, in principle, there is no shortage of domain registration options, and you can always find an alternative that is valid and effective for a personal site or a brand. The opportunities have also increased since it is possible to register new generic domains like Book Domain Name Online. Bike, .free, .club, .pizza, and so on.

The statuses of a domain, therefore, represent the “condition” of the same at a given moment and can be different, as we have already seen in the two in-depth articles that we have published: “Interpreting the status of domains.” For simplicity but above all for the actual purposes of this article, we will distinguish here between the “free” and “occupied” status without worrying about the further and numerous cases present, and then we will analyze precisely how to see if a domain is free.

Check if a domain is free

The simplest way to check if a domain is free – or conversely, if another user has already taken it – is to try typing the desired name on the domain registration page of our site book domain name online. What we are going to do in practice is to fill in the two boxes by typing (if the domain we are interested in is, for example, my name. it):

In the first box, the domain name (in our example, my name);

In the second, the desired extension (specifically .it, or one of the new extensions), by selecting it from the drop-down menu. We remind you that you do not need to enter any www prefix (so to register www. monomer. if you need to type only my name. it). If we are interested in exploiting a subdomain. We will still need to register the main (or second level) domain. After typing the desired name in the domain control section, two different possibilities may arise.

Check domain occupied

In this case, an unambiguous notification appears, ie “The chosen domain is occupied! If you are the owner of the domain, choose one of the methods indicated “and, if available. The option relating to the transfer of an existing domain will be proposed if this is the case, otherwise. You can try different domain names until you find a free combination.

Check free domain

In this other case, the wizard will start automatically for the purchase of a new domain. That can be registered to block it and use it later or to associate it with a complete hosting package. Which, therefore, also includes additional services such as webspace and mailboxes. E-mail, MySQL databases, website access statistics, and much more. This depends on the specific case, that is, if we have to create a website and therefore it is advisable to do a hosting check in order. Choose the necessary characteristics to book a domain name online. Or if we are interested in simply registering the domain with a name we are interested in: for example, to protect. A trademark or a name that we do not want to leave to third parties.

Essentials for choosing a domain

At this point, we are able to check if a domain is free and proceed with the registration of the same. With the help of an infographic, we see 9 essential factors to consider for the actual choice of a domain. Tens of thousands of new domain names are registered. Every day, and for this reason, especially for small business owners. It is increasingly difficult to find a free domain. That is easy to remember and that simultaneously refers to the company. Name or company name Domain Name registration sites. brand name. In the infographic below, you will find some useful tips on how to register a simple, short, and easy-to-remember domain. That you can implement using our free domain control tool.

Registry. it

For the checks concerning the Italian domains – that is to say, those ending with. If I suggest, you instead use the service made available directly by Registro. It is the body responsible for the assignment and management of Internet domains ending with the national top-level domain.

To check, I start through Registry. it, therefore, connects to the main page of the service by clicking here. Then typing the reference domain complete. Its extension in the search field that you find in the other. and click on the red arrow that you find located inside. Then put a checkmark in the box I am not a robot and click on Search Domain Name Registration Online sites. Once this is done, if the domain to be verified is already in use. You will be shown a Web page with all the relevant information. On the latter (registration date, reference organization, date of the last update, etc.). If, on the other hand, the domain for which you have chosen to check is not in use, under Domain. You will find the words No occurrences found for the domain.