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Onlive Server offers the best and cheapest dedicated server and VPS hosting services in both South Africa and the UK. Buy UK Dedicated Server or South Korea VPS Hosting too.

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The Onlive Server company offers free technical support and there are no hidden fees and terms and conditions when you hire our Dedicated Server or VPS plan for your website.

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Yes, of course, we provide the data center in different locations.

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Many people want to buy the affordable hosting server, then, where can I get the cheapest hosting server? On the Onlive Server, anyone here can get the cheapest Dedicated hosting server and VPS hosting with the best operating system management, which will be best for your business website.

When you are in the lookout of server hosting packages for gaining online visibility, it is necessary for you to carry out extensive research of the different varieties of services available. In the industry for web hosting, the dedicated server means that there will be a computer that will be exclusively rented by the client company to be used individually. This means that the resources of the server like the bandwidth and the disk space will not be shared by the other users.

Why is South Africa VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server?

South Africa VPS Hosting Server is typically one of the most common choices of large organizations and especially the e-commerce sites that need to deal with huge traffic volumes. These are sites that cannot do without a specific server dedicated only to their requirements. This is mainly because such sites cannot afford to experience downtimes as this might mean great losses for the entire business. Thus, they make the choice of VPS server hosting packages that come with the guarantee of unlimited disk space, unrestricted data transfer speed, wonderful tech support, amazing security, and high uptime.

The Work Procedure of a Dedicated Server

This offers the client a lot of customizability and flexibility in handling large traffic volumes. Dedicated servers come backed by very powerful technical support from the hosting provider. The users of these servers have the flexibility of creating unlimited domains on the server as well.

Dedicated server hosting is far more affordable such companies instead of going for separate servers for each chain or retail division. There are many web hosting providers out there in the market that are not only into providing dedicated servers but even shared and VPS servers.

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are a number of important considerations that need to be kept in mind when making the choice of a dedicated server company. However, this should be only after you have weighed all your requirements. The dedicated hosting provider that you are going for should have the ability to render all your requirements professionally. You must make sure that the provider server features everything that you require for your site to perform in the most ideal manner. Take for example if you are in the lookout of more IP addresses make sure that your hosting company is providing this feature in its packages. Also, inquire whether you would have to make extra payments for fetching this requirement.